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CE4 Starter Kit

CE4/Ego kit
Vape and Juice branded, the CE4 starter pack, comes complete with all you need to start vaping as well as a USB charger, so you can plug in at work, home or even while out shopping.
Pros and Cons.
+The shisha stick allows you to replace any and all parts. If you develop a hankering for some modifications, you could upgrade your battery to give you much longer life, or get a larger juice chamber to store more of your favourite flavour. If you're vaping on holiday, it is easy to get caught short of juice and, well juice.
+ The CE4 won't break the bank, but it won't set the world alight either, which is either a good thing or a bad thing, depending on your perspective.
- We recommend using the CE4 for around 6-12 months before looking for an upgrade in your vaping device. This is a downside as it's battery has a limited life span of recharges.
- The CE4 isn't as stylish as other sticks nor can you adjust the 'voltage' This means you can't adjust the 'pull rate' as you can with more higher spec models. Still confused? You know those holes in the filter tips of Silk Cuts? Being able to adjust the voltage, is the same as creating holes or taking them away. This is the biggest downside to the CE4; that said, it works at an optimal level that suits most tastes. It's cheap, it works easily and costs about the same as a box of 20 cigarettes.

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