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The Aurora Vape pen is ideal for the concentrate fan who likes to enjoys great taste and short sessions on the go. It’s ergonomic and discreet design makes it eminently portable.
The Aurora WaxPen from Dr. Dabber is incredibly innovative and fully functional. The smooth satin finish partnered and threadless magnetic connections contribute to the sleek and elegant aura of this vape pen. With three carefully calibrated heat settings and three different atomizers, you‰۪re sure to find exactly what you need. Standard Five Click Safety Feature is included as always.
Dr. Dabber is committed to creating the finest vaping experience possible for all concentrate fans!
Vaporizes - Wax concentrates
Heating - Instant
Heating system - Atomizer ( Ceramic and Quartz)
Atomizer Material - Ceramic
External coating - Satin black finish
Battery Life - Up to 300 hits

Colour Coded Heat Settings
The three heat settings of the Aurora vape pen are displayed with a system of three colours, so you can tell what temperature your device is at a glance. For the lowest heat setting the LED will turn green, for the medium setting your LED will appear to be blue, and for the highest setting you will see a pink LED light up.
This LED system is a simple and clear way for you to be able to tell what the current setting on your vaporizer is, you don’t need to second guess yourself; simply glance at the LED.

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