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  • Black Widow Dry Herb Vaporizer
  • Black Widow Dry Herb Vaporizer

Black Widow Dry Herb Vaporizer

The herb chamber and air path are both made entirely of ceramic (with the exception of the stainless steel mouthpiece), which means you get that perfect flavor that you won't get in devices which are fitted with steel chambers. The guys behind the Black Widow wanted it to have a free-flowing draw so the chamber has been designed to have reltively low resistance compared to other similar devices, which means you can easily draw through it even when the chamber has been packed tightly to give maximum efficiency.
Due to the way it has been designed the oven heats up from cold in around about 30 seconds you won't be standing around for ages waiting for the device to tell you it is ready to use. The oven itself actually has a really good capacity and you can load up to 0.5grams of material each time you fill it up which will give a good 10-15 draws before you need to empty it out and fill it up again with fresh dry herbs. The mouthpiece is made of stainless steel and is held in place by strong magnets which keep it totally secure but mean it is still easy to remove it when you need to take it off.
Black Widow Vaporizer - Battery
No-one likes being left without any charge in their device and with the Black Widow you aren't going to be left high and dry, they have installed a 2200mAh lithium ion battery which will give you plenty of full vaping sessions in between charges. The micro USB charger which is supplied means that you can charge it up pretty much anywhere with no need for adapters or plugs. The device has also been programmed with a 5-minute cut-off timer which will automatically shut off the device if you have forgotten and left it on.
What's included:
Black Widow Dry Herb Vaporizer
Cleaning brush
Set of tweezers
Chamber packing tool
Concentrate insert
2 spare screens
USB lead
Mains adapter
Instruction manual.

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