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Privacy Policy

Information provided by the Customer

- When registering on our Web-site, the Customer should provide the following information:
Full name, email address, password to log into our Web-site.
- When placing the order the Customer should provide the following information:
Full name, shipping address, contact phone number.
When providing this personal data for authorization/registration on our web-site, the Customer accepts this data to be processed within an uncertain period of time, so that the Supplier could fulfill their obligations to the Customer, sell goods, provide services, provide reference information or use this data for promotion of goods and services.
The Customer has the right to obtain the information concerning the processing of his/her data (including the methods and purposes of processing, persons that have the access to his/her personal data or the parties, which his/her personal data can be disclosed to).

Information provided by the Customer

The Seller has the right to use the data provided by the Customer during the whole period of the Customer’s registration on the Web-site for the following purposes:

- registration/authorization of the Customer on our Web-site;
- Customer’s order processing and implementation of Supplier's obligations to the Customer;
- Promotion of good and services;
- Analysis of buyer characteristics of the Customer and offering personal recommendations.

Providing and transferring data, obtained by the Seller

The Seller undertakes the responsibility not to transfer any Customer data to any third parties. It is not considered the Seller’s violation of this Privacy Policy if they provide the data to agents and third parties, acting in compliance to the agreements with the Seller for the fulfillment of obligations to the Customer, and only within the agreements.

The Seller obtains the information about the IP-address of the Web-site’s Visitors and the data about the link, which these Visitors used to be transferred to this Web-site. This data is not used to identify the Visitor.

The Seller is not liable to the incorrect information provided by the Customer in public form on the web-site.

During the processing of personal data, the Seller undertakes all necessary and sufficient organizational and technical measures for the protection of personal data from unauthorized use, as well as from other illegal actions in relation to personal data.

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