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Jacks Mint Choc Chip

This Mint Choc Chip e-liquid by Jacks is cool, refreshing and minty at its core, and then the chocolate chip sprinkles hit your tastebuds and you're reminded of that delicious choc chip ice cream you used to tuck into as a kid. This one is both nostalgic and tasty!
Made in the UK and exceeds the EU’s TPD directive which makes it one of the safest e-liquids on the market today. Diacetyl Free.

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  • Jessica
    Cream flavour!

    I fell in love with choc/mint combination long ago, before i started vaping. I tried mint/choc from another brands, but still was looking for a perfect one. The Jacks Mint Choc Chip is really good, i taste chocolate chip ice cream and a hit of menthol. Though i think a bit more of vanilla would make it even better (just to extra highlight the ice cream flavour).

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